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Using a virtual taskforce to keep CR relevant at Sky

The corporate responsibility team at Sky is aided by a CR steering group and "virtual taskforce" to ensure its CR efforts are constantly in tune with the business needs. The following 10 points outline the responsibilities and benefits of the taskforce. Would this successful model work in your organization?

1. At a board and executive level, the CR Steering Group (CRSG) provides leadership and drives corporate responsibility practices.

2. The CRSG is supported on the ground by a taskforce of senior operational managers that works to embed responsible business practices throughout the diverse range of functions within Sky. The taskforce was established in 2004 with approximately 12 initial members, but the virtual nature of the taskforce has enabled its growth to some 50 people.

3. The taskforce is supported and guided by the CR department, bringing relevant areas of the business together to address issues.

4. It meets periodically around core management activities such as risk workshops and diagnostic sessions and has proved to be most successful as a more virtual entity that interacts with the CR department and CRSG to address key issues.

5. The day-to-day integration and management of CR business practices are run as part of the general function of operating areas.

6. The taskforce provides an internal framework to help ensure CR activities remain relevant for the business and for its stakeholders.

7. Taking action to deliver against commitments and performance indicators is another key role of the taskforce.

8. Annual commitments are set with input from the taskforce in light of findings from consultation, risk assessment processes and issues tracking.

9. Keeping those commitments simple helps to focus the business on what it needs to deliver. In the last year Sky has trimmed the number of commitments set in order to focus on the key issues for the business.

10. The nature of the commitments enables the business to apply them to existing initiatives and new opportunities as they arise throughout the year, therefore maximizing action from the business.

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